📄 A Reference Architecture for Datacenter Scheduling

Design, Validation, and Experiments

Georgios Andreadis, Laurens Versluis, Fabian Mastenbroek, Alexandru Iosup
Supercomputing 2018
reference architecturedatacenterscheduling

📄 Massivizing Computer Systems

A Vision to Understand, Design, and Engineer Computer Ecosystems through and beyond Modern Distributed Systems

Alexandru Iosup, Alexandru Uta, Laurens Versluis, Georgios Andreadis, Erwin van Eyk, Tim Hegeman, Sacheendra Talluri, Vincent van Beek, Lucian Toader
ICDCS 2018
ecosystemsdistributed systems

📄 The OpenDC Vision

Towards Collaborative Datacenter Simulation and Exploration for Everybody

Alexandru Iosup, Georgios Andreadis, Vincent van Beek, Matthijs Bijman, Erwin van Eyk, Mihai Neacsu, Leon Overweel, Sacheendra Talluri, Laurens Versluis, Maaike Visser
ISPDC 2017