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Current projects

  • MODIR - Multi-objective deformable image registration for medical images, using evolutionary algorithms
    • Period: November 2020 - present
    • Research conducted as PhD candidate at the Radiation Oncology department at the LUMC (Leiden, NL) and the Life Sciences & Health group at the CWI (Amsterdam, NL). Supervised by dr. Tanja Alderliesten (LUMC) and prof.dr. Peter A.N. Bosman (CWI, TUD).

Previous projects

  • Capelin - Fast Data-Driven Capacity Planning for Cloud Datacenters
  • OpenDC - Collaborative Datacenter Simulation and Exploration for Everybody
    • Period: May 2016 - August 2020
    • Research conducted during B.Sc. Honours project and M.Sc. thesis project.
    • Supervised by prof.dr. Alexandru Iosup.
  • SCHAAPI - Early Detection of Breaking Changes Based on API Usages
    • Period: April 2018 - July 2018
    • Research conducted during B.Sc. thesis project.
    • Supervised by dr. Mauricio Aniche.


Listed in reverse chronological order

  1. Andreadis, G., Mastenbroek, F., Van Beek, V., & Iosup, A. (2021, May). Capelin: Data-Driven Compute Capacity Procurement for Cloud Datacenters using Portfolios of Scenarios. In Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. IEEE. [IEEE] [ResearchGate Technical Report] [ResearchGate Main Article]
  2. Andreadis, G., Versluis, L., Mastenbroek, F., & Iosup, A. (2018, November). A reference architecture for datacenter scheduling: design, validation, and experiments. In SC18: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (pp. 478-492). IEEE. [ACM] [ResearchGate]
  3. Iosup, A., Uta, A., Versluis, L., Andreadis, G., Van Eyk, E., Hegeman, T., Talluri, S., van Beek, V., & Toader, L. (2018, July). Massivizing computer systems: a vision to understand, design, and engineer computer ecosystems through and beyond modern distributed systems. In ICDS: International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (pp. 1224-1237). IEEE. [IEEE] [ResearchGate]
  4. Iosup, A., Andreadis, G., Van Beek, V., Bijman, M., Van Eyk, E., Neacsu, M., Overweel, L., Talluri, S., Versluis, L. & Visser, M. (2017, July). The OpenDC vision: Towards collaborative datacenter simulation and exploration for everybody. In ISPDC: International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing (pp. 85-94). IEEE. [IEEE] [ResearchGate]


Listed in reverse chronological order

  1. M.Sc. thesis: Andreadis, G. (2020, August). Capelin: Fast Data-Driven Capacity Planning for Cloud Datacenters. TU Delft. [Thesis] (Awarded Best Graduate of TU Delft 2020)
  2. B.Sc. thesis: Abrahams, J., Andreadis, G., Boone, C., & Dekker, F. (2018, July). Schaapi: Early detection of breaking changes based on API usage. [Thesis]